Shea Cooper

Shea Cooper



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Physical Therapist at West Tennessee Bone & Joint

Completed CrossFit Kids Trainer Course

Attended CrossFit Specialty Courses in Weightlifting & Mobility

Certified in The Barbell Rehab Method

BLS Provider (AHA)

About Coach

I have always been very active & placed a great emphasis on physical fitness & health in my life. In high school, I played softball, basketball & volleyball. In college, I worked at the YMCA where I was a lifeguard & did physical fitness assessments. I then started running as a hobby & competed in many 5k’s, 1/2 marathons & a marathon. I also did several sprint & Olympic distance triathlons. After I did my marathon in 2007, a friend told me about CrossFit & I’ve been doing CrossFit since then. I was intrigued by the variety of CF & challenged by it on a daily basis. I became a CF-L1 trainer in 2012 & L2 in 2021. I initiated the CFJ Longevity program in 2018. CrossFit has definitely changed my life for the better. Prior to coaching CrossFit, I was afraid to speak in front of crowds. My strong belief in the methodology of CrossFit & seeing the personal mental & physical benefits from it gave me the courage to overcome my fear & coach classes. It has raised my level of self confidence & provided me with a community of people who provide me with accountability , value integrity & demonstrate strong core values.

Turning Point

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Motivation & Passion

My overall purpose for coaching is to help others maintain &/or regain the physical skills to perform functional everyday activities independently & efficiently to maximize their quality of life throughout adulthood. Another huge motivating factor for me as a coach is to share my love of CrossFit & it’s many benefits with people of all ages & in all stages of life. I want to teach others the value of physical activity, not only for health & wellness, but for stress relief & mental health. I want to help others gain self confidence & overcome their fears in a supportive community. Learning these things through CrossFit has had a tremendous impact on my life & I want to share it with others.