Jessica Sadler

Jessica Sadler


Snatch: 130#

Clean 170#

Overhead Squat 140#

Back Squat: 225#

2K Row 7:40


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Level 2 Certification

Weightlifting Certificate

About Coach

I have always loved fitness growing up. My husband, Luke, after a year of marriage talked me into trying CrossFit in 2012 and I have been hooked ever since. There wasn't a local gym where we lived at the time and so we watched videos and figured it out as we went. We moved to Jackson, TN in 2018 and that is when we joined CFJ and when I got my L1 Certification. Joining CFJ took my fitness to a new level, simply being coached by incredibly talented people and being immersed in a competitive environment. A big reason I CrossFit is to keep up with our wild 3 boys I adore. I started coaching at CFJ in 2021. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others grow, develop, and excel in their fitness journey with CrossFit.

Turning Point

I was a wild child growing up and once I got to college God changed my life. I lived my life for the approval of others and then I found I was already deeply loved, forgiven, and accepted by Christ. That changed everything for me. I was better able to love myself and to love others. As a Christian, we are called to do a lot of hard, sacrificial things and to do all things with excellence which connects also with CrossFit (doing hard things, doing things with excellence). Life can be really hard, disappointing, and lonely at times, yet we were meant to experience life to the full, thriving in a community with others who help shoulder our trials with us. I am thankful to have friends, family, church, and a CrossFit community that surround me with love.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping others learn how to move and move well. I love seeing the spark in someone’s eye once they have grasped a movement or a new skill. I truly enjoy encouraging and pushing people to grow in their athletic performance no matter what stage they are at, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Creating a fun, welcoming environment that all people feel cared for and can be their best self is non-negotiable for me. As a coach, I care about people’s well being and that involves their physical health, which bleeds into all aspects of their lives. I find great value, purpose, and meaning as a coach and the role I get the privilege to have in other people’s lives.